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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(1617-1655)/4724


Still, the man stood quietly, waiting for the car to move.


The car started to move.


Power hurriedly carried the glowing window southward, admitting that no more exchange of greetings was needed between the two.


At this time, the man threw a cigar in his mouth onto the soil.


Then I changed my legs and went out to the intersection of the three corners, and this time I turned left and stopped in front of the Karamonoya.


It was a new stop in the memory of Keitaro being hit by a person and dropping a bamboo cane.


He snarls behind the man so far, looking into the new-patterned collar, silk hat, and strangely striped knees on the front of a Karamono store that he doesn't want to see again. However, I thought that refraining from doing this would only awaken the detective's interest.


I'm sorry to say that I'm tired of my work since the woman has already left, but I shouldn't have suddenly felt the same degree of crampedness as before.


He was asked to act only within two hours after the middle-aged man got off in Ogawa-cho, so he decided to go back to the boarding house and go to bed, assuming that he had already done the reconnaissance role. I also thought.


It seemed that the train that the man was waiting for had arrived, and as soon as he grasped the iron rod with his long hand, he put his sullen body on the chassis that did not stop well.


Keitaro, who had been hesitant until now, suddenly felt that he should lose this moment, so he immediately jumped up to the same chassis.


The inside of the car was not so crowded, so the passengers had plenty of time to see each other freely.


Keitaro put his body in the box, and at the same time, he was gazed at by the 56 people who had already occupied his seat.


In the meantime, there was also a middle-aged man who had just sat down, but in his eyes when he saw Keitaro, there was a recognition that he was a man, but there was a suspicion that he was being scorned. Further did not appear.


Keitaro finally became stretched and sat down, choosing the same side as the man.


When I looked at the eaves, wondering where I would be taken by this train, it was written in black as for Edogawa.


He intended to get off as soon as the man changed trains, and every time he came to the bus stop, he watched him.


The man kept his hand in the hidden bag all the time, often looking in front of him on his lap.


To describe the situation, it was like thinking about something without thinking about anything.


However, from the time I went down Kudanshita, I stretched my long neck from time to time and looked out the window as if I wanted to see something.


Keitaro was also caught and looked through the unsightly outside.


Eventually, in the sound of the train running, the sound of rain hitting the window glass began to pop in my ears.


He looked at the bamboo cane he was carrying and remembered that he should have brought an umbrella instead.


After paying attention to the personality of a man who suffered a middle fold after a Western-style restaurant, and his eyes that seemed to be unquestionable in the world, he suddenly felt such a cramped feeling and collected unnecessary materials. However, it would be better to speak more blatantly from here and report only the facts with the permission of the person to Taguchi. Even if it seems to be late sowing, I thought that it would still be nice, so I myself Began to devise a convenient method to introduce him.


Eventually the train came to the end.


The rain seemed to be getting heavier, and when the car stopped, a rustling sound suddenly hit his ears.


The middle-folded man raised the collar of his cloak and turned the hem of his trousers back, saying that he was in trouble.


Keitaro stood up while sticking his cane.


When the man went out into the rain, he caught a rickshaw coming up.


Keitaro also hired one so that he wouldn't be late.


The car owner raised the Kaji stick and asked which way.


Keitaro ordered him to follow the car.


The car owner said that he was sick.


When I came down the straight road to the bottom of Yarai's police box, I heard that the car owner stopped the Kaji stick again and went to either husband.


No matter how much the man's car extended from the inside of the hood, he couldn't even see the shadow.


Keitaro lost his direction in the sound of rain while holding a cane on the car.





When I woke up, Keitaro felt completely strange that I was sleeping as usual on the 6 tatami mats I was accustomed to living in.