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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(1361-1396)/4724




Keitaro saw the laughing face of a woman for the first time at this time.


He had been looking at it from the beginning with his thin lips and large mouth as one of its characteristics, but he exposed his beautiful teeth and exposed his abundant black big eyes to the upper and lower eyelashes. When they came together to the point of touching each other, a new unexpected impression was imprinted on his head from this woman.


Keitaro was surprised and turned his eyes to the other man, rather than being fascinated by the laughing face of the woman.


Then I noticed a black fold on the man's head.


The cloak was indistinguishable from Shuangjiang, but she threw the same dark light as a hat on Keitaro's sword.


Besides, he was tall.


It was also a sword.


However, when it came to age, Keitaro couldn't make any decision.


But he did not hesitate to admit that he was forty, because it was only true that he was far away from him in the life of his life.


When he was able to get all these features into his chest almost at the same time, he couldn't conclude that he had finally got off the train, which he had been fooling himself with.


Even though the usual five o'clock had passed long ago, he had a strange intoxication and thought that he was still hanging out in the same place.


I was grateful that a young woman came out by chance to catch my curiosity in order to arouse that intoxication.


In addition, one of the lucks of the young woman was that she could wait for the person she was looking for with more than twice the confidence and patience of herself.


He believed that he could provide some knowledge about this man, X, for Taguchi, and that the same knowledge could satisfy his curiosity about the woman, Y.


The man and woman seemed to have not noticed Keitaro's existence, and were not reluctant to move back and forth and left and right, and were still talking while standing.


The woman never stopped smiling.


The man also laughed aloud from time to time.


From the appearance of the greetings when the two met for the first time, they were never estranged.


Neither of them could find a humorous righteousness between men and women, who seemed to connect the opposite sex and, in fact, squeezed the relationship between the two.


The man didn't even dare to touch the edge of his hat.


Keitaro wanted to find the big Kuroko that should be under the brim face to face.


To see this weird thing left on the flesh if there wasn't a woman, he went in front of the man sometime and asked, because he liked anything, just by mouth. May.


If not, he would immediately approach him and look into his face until he was satisfied.


At this time, it was the woman who was standing in front of the man that hindered such bold actions.


Whether or not the woman was suspicious of Keitaro's attitude was a problem, and his suspicious behavior was reflected in his long line in the same place.


Knowing that, sticking out your face in the line of sight again is not a gentleman, and it is the same as deliberately strengthening the suspicious fire and defeating your own purpose. The result is.


Keitaro thought this way, decided that it would be better to refrain from just seeing the presence or absence of Kuroko until a suitable opportunity came around as a natural order.


Instead, I was prepared to sneak behind them in hiding, and listen to their discourse, if possible, fragmented.


He did not await the permission of the other party and did not admit that he needed to consult with his conscience about the moral value of secretly convolving their words and actions in his chest.


I simply believed that the result of my fracture would be used in good faith by Taguchi, who was familiar with the world.


Eventually, the man made a wind to invite the woman.


The woman seemed to refuse it with a laugh.


In the end, the two who were facing each other walked close to the eaves of the Setomonoya with their shoulders aligned.


From there, I walked eastward side by side without combining my hands.


Keitaro rushed for a few minutes and soon came behind them.