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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(563-596)/4724


Even so, Sunaga seemed to bring up a topic that would appeal to Keitaro's curiosity as much as possible.


He floats to the upper levels of society as the back streets of the train he lives in are separated like swords by small houses and narrow alleys, forming a nest of unknown urbanites. He told Keitaro the fact that the drama that did not go up was performed almost door to door.


First of all, there is a concubine of a hardware store near Nihonbashi at the 56th house of Sunaga.


The concubine has an actor who goes to Miyatoza as a lover.


The retreat is aware of it and is silent.


In Yokomachi, there is a house with a beautiful lattice door that you can't tell whether it's a substitute or a circulatory shop, and sometimes you write an advertisement on the blackboard saying that one female reporter and one female cook are urgently needed.


At one point, a beautiful woman of 278, wearing a long cloak of dark blue with folds, dressed as a Western nurse and asked for a profession. ..


There is a story that not only the husband but also his wife were surprised because it was the daughter of the house who used to be a student of the house's husband.


Next, when I went to the back alley back to back, there was a usury with a gray-haired head and a wife who was about the age of a man.


According to people's reputation, it is a wife who took a debt mortgage.


While the next-door gambling gambling gathers a lot of similar people and rubs each other's bloody eyes, Kami, who has a baby as a cat, may come to pick up the host who is absorbed in the game. ..


When Kami cries and asks her to go home with her, the owner says she will go home, but after another hour or so, she will return after recovering what she lost.


Then, Kami-san will lose the more she tries, so I ask her to come back now.


No, no, no, I am surprised at the sleep of the four neighbors even in the icy nights of traffic.




While listening to Sunaga's story, Keitaro may have been accustomed to living in such a hands-on novel for many years, and Sunaga also secretly performed a play that no one could see and wiped his mouth. I'm getting stronger that I don't have one.


Behind the speculation, the woman in the rear view, which I saw earlier, cast a thin shadow.


I cut into it and said, "Let's ask you what you're doing," but Sunaga just smiled.


After that, he simply said, "I have a sore throat today."


I have a novel, but I heard a greeting saying that I wouldn't tell you.


When Keitaro went down from the second floor to the entrance, he couldn't see the usual female geta anymore.


He had no idea whether he had returned, put it in a shoe box, or hid it with care.


As soon as he came out, he jumped into a cigarette shop for some reason.


Then he came out with a cigar.


As soon as I came to Sudacho and tried to get on the train while blowing it, I remembered the company rule of refusing smoking, so I walked toward Manseibashi again.


He intended to carry this cigar until he returned to his boarding house in Hongo, and thought about Sunaga while slowly and slowly visiting.


As usual, Sunaga never crawls into his head alone.


Every time I thought about it, the woman in the back was surely fluttering.


In the end, Sunaga ridiculed me, "Is it possible to look into the world with a pair of glasses from the third floor of Hongodai-cho and imitate a romantic expedition?"



To this day, he was a man who couldn't have a friendly or hobby in the so-called downtown life.


Occasionally, it's a lattice door that you can't dive unless you lie down through the back streets of Nihonbashi, an iron lantern that hangs from the top of Sanwa soil for no reason, and it shines beautifully under the climbing stile. Every time I see bamboo, cedar, or the waist of a shoji that is so thin that it looks red through the sunlight, I feel like I'm in a hurry.


I think it's cramped and irresistible if everything is neatly organized and shining.


I think that they, who live so small and meticulously, probably care about how to shave the toothpicks that they use after meals.