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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(540-562)/4724


Keitaro listened back, thinking that he should crawl on purpose.


Sunaga, like a person who hardly realized the meaning, pulled him into the shoji with a light nod.


When climbing the stairs, Keitaro felt that there was a faint sound of clothes in the back room.


On the second floor, the black eight-length collar that seems to have been worn by Sunaga was just taken off, and no other place that changed to Hirao was found.


From the nature of Keitaro and his relationship with Sunaga, I couldn't have heard of a woman who was so worried about me, but I had some sinful imagination so far. There is also the courage to ask innocently who the woman who has just crawled into your house is, because there is also the sternness of being stubborn, and there is also the awareness that he has attached a bad ironic sword to the face. There wasn't.


On the contrary, in a way that overwhelms and hides the heart that wants to run ahead of me


"I'm not fantasizing anymore.


It's more important to have a mouth than that, "he said, and he seriously asked the uncle of Uchisaiwaicho, who was also listening to him, to introduce him because he wanted to meet him for the time being. ..


My uncle was a coalition of Sunaga's mother's sister, who was a considerable person who had crawled into the business world from a government official and is now associated with four or five companies, but Sunaga was his uncle. Keitaro remembers that he once told Keitaro, "My uncle tells me a lot, but I'm not going any further," as it seems that there is no charge for what to do with his power. It was.


Sunaga was supposed to see his uncle already this morning, but he said he had to forgo going out because he hurt his throat, and he would probably be able to go within 45 days, so at that time he said he would definitely talk to him. "My uncle has a busy body, and people seem to ask me, so I'm sure I can't accept it, but please see me," he added just in case.


Keitaro interpreted that it would be a problem if too much hope was placed, but even so, thinking that it was more than not meeting, I was motivated to ask as usual.


However, I wasn't worried or struggled in my stomach as much as I asked by mouth.


Originally, he was enthusiastic, exercising, and struggling to seek a considerable position after graduation, and although it is a fact that is unremarkable as he professes, he still worships the dawn of success. By the time he made a painful voice, he had at least a 50% stake.


He wasn't the only son like Sunaga, but both were the same, with one mother left (with his sister tidy up).


Instead of being the owner of a ground family work like Sunaga, he had some land in the country.


It's not as high as a solid grain, but since the bales are replaced every year with a fixed amount of money, I wasn't in a position to be in need of a boarding house of twenty or thirty.


What's more, it wasn't once or twice that I took advantage of my girlfriend's sweetness and charged me for extra expenses that would make me eat myself.


Therefore, it was true that the vanity of the hometown party, friends, or myself was fueled by the noise of the place of rank, if not at all.


In that case, it seems that I will study more and save good grades while I am at school, but there is only a romanticist, and as a result of trying to be as lazy as possible, the school department is not very vivid. I have done it.



So, while talking to Sunaga for about an hour, Keitaro was willing to bring up the painful problems of position and clothing and food with himself, but after all he was concerned about the woman in the back that he saw earlier, and it was important for the world to pass. I couldn't be as serious as my mouth.


Once | When I heard the laughter of a youthful woman in the lower room, I thought I should ask someone who seemed to be coming.


However, the time I was thinking about became a tool that would destroy nature, and I was about to get rid of the question, so I finally stopped without saying it.