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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(500-539)/4724


Surugadai from my mother's opinion that my father died after renting my own house to a relative for a while, so it would be nice to have a place and space for unmanned livelihood. I sold my home and moved here.


But then I put in a lot of work.


When Sunaga explained it to me, it was almost like a new building, and Keitaro thought so, and once looked around the floor pillars and ceiling boards on the second floor.


This second floor was added later to make it a study room for Sunaga, so it may shake a little on days when the wind is strong, but there are other things that can't be beaten. | It was a room that continued for two rooms.


Sitting in the room, I saw a pine branch planted in the garden, an upper part of a wooden fence with a hatchet, and a sneak peek.


When he went out to the edge and looked down from the railing, Keitaro looked at the white egret flower that bloomed all over the roots of the pine tree and asked Sunaga what that white thing was.


Every time he visited Sunaga and was guided to this tatami room, he had no choice but to clearly evoke the distinction between a student and a young husband.


Then, at the same time as despising Sunaga, who lives in such a small size, he envied the life of this friend who was quiet but had plenty of time.


He visited Sunaga today, thinking that the young man couldn't do it like that, and wanting to see it like that, with the spotty interest that was created from the two contradictions.


When I turned the usual alley a couple of times and came to the corner of the street where Sunaga lived, a woman dived into Sunaga's gate before him.


Keitaro only saw him after a glance, but the curiosity common to the young man and his unique romantic hobby joined forces to rush him to the same gate to drag him.


When I took a peek, the shadow of the woman had disappeared.


As usual, Keitaro was looking at the shoji with the autumn leaves in the puller, which was just quietly closed, but he was a little unexpected and unsatisfied. ..


Of course, the clogs were for women, but they were just lined up in a well-behaved manner, and I couldn't see the clogs that the maiden had repaired.


Keitaro spliced the direction of geta and the behavior of a woman who climbed up earlier than expected, and speculates that this is an extremely friendly guest who crawls on his own without asking for an agent. did.


If not, it's home, but that's a little weird.


Keitaro knew well that Sunaga's house was a four-person life with him, his mother, a middle-aged man, and a younger daughter.


Keitaro stood in front of Sunaga's gate for a while.


Rather than looking at the movement of the woman who just crawled in from the outside of the fence, I was going to imagine what kind of sentence Sunaga and this woman were weaving their romance into, but I still listened. Was there.


However, the inside was as usual.


Far from the glossy woman's voice, I couldn't hear a cough.


"Is it a bride?"


Keitaro thought in the first place, but his imagination was not so trained that it settled down.


――My mother went to relatives with an intermediary, so I'm away today.


The rice cooker is withdrawn into the maiden's room.


Sunaga and the woman are now facing each other and talking about something.


――If so, it would be strange to make a loud voice when you open the lattice door and ask for it as usual.


Or Sunaga, his mother, and the intermediary may have come out together.


The old man is surely taking a nap.


The woman crawls there.


If so, it is a thief.


I'm sorry to turn back as it is.


--Keitaro stood on a sled like a fox.



Then, the shoji on the second floor opened, and the figure of Sunaga holding a blue glass bottle suddenly appeared on the porch, so Keitaro was a little surprised.


"What are you doing?


When I saw Sunaga, who mysteriously asked from above, "Is it a lost item?", He had a white flannel wrapped around his throat.


It seems that the one I brought to my hand was a mouthwash.


Keitaro turned up and managed to change a few words, such as whether he had a cold, but he was still standing on the table and did not move.


Sunaga finally said that he was crawling.