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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(461-499)/4724


However, my father died a long time ago, and now he and his mother are living alone, lonely and lonely.


My father has risen to a very good position as a chief accountant, and since he was originally a person who was clearly on the path of currency breeding, he is now a good position without any anxiety on the mother-child co-clothing diet.


His retreatism is also seen as a result of losing the stimulus of struggle, getting used to this peaceful situation in the middle.


Because his father was in a relatively good position, he wasn't just good at it, he had good relatives, and he wanted to take care of his career as much as he wanted. You can see that it is still lingering, lining up all the way to the front.


"It's a waste to say so luxury.


If you don't mind, give it to me, "said Keitaro, who sometimes urged Sunaga for half a joke.


Then Sunaga gave a lonely and pitiful smile and refused, "Because you can't do it, it can't be helped."


Keitaro, who was refused, did not have a good feeling, even if it was a joke.


I also had the spirit of doing something about myself.


However, because the roots are not obsessive, the rebellion against Sunaga could not have continued for a long time.


Uncertain about his status, he had no calming background and couldn't stand the pain of sitting still in the boarding house from morning till night.


Even if I had no use, I would definitely go out and walk for half a day.


Then I often visited Sunaga's house.


One is that I usually don't go out anytime, so maybe Keitaro who goes there also had a fight.


"Glue is also glue, but before glue, I'd like to meet something amazing, but no matter how much you get on the train, you can't walk at all.


When I say, "I don't even meet the kidnappers," "You, if you think education is a kind of right, it's a kind of bondage.


No matter how much I graduate from school, I don't know what the right is if I have trouble eating.


Then, I don't care about the position, so I don't mind if I try to imitate it as much as I want.


There are times when I sigh with annoyance, saying, "Education will bind people to the hell."


Sunaga didn't seem to have much sympathy for any of Keitaro's complaints.


First of all, I couldn't tell from his attitude whether he was really serious or just frustrated with frustration.


At one point, Sunaga solicited all the things that Keitaro had come up with, so he said, "Then what do you want to see?


Apart from the food and clothing problem, "he said.


Keitaro replied that he wanted to see what he saw as a detective at the Metropolitan Police Department.


"I don't like it, I don't understand."


"But that doesn't happen"


Keitaro seriously stated the reason why he could not be a detective.


Originally, a detective is like a diver in a society that dives from the surface to the bottom of the world, so there is no profession that has so ridiculed human wonders.


Besides, their position must be more convenient because they only observe the other dark side and do not have to risk being corrupted with themselves, but their purpose is already guilty. It is a profession that has been established on the basis of the spirit of trying to trap people in advance because it is exposed to.


I can't do bad things for such a person.


I'm just a human researcher | I want to marvel at how an abnormal human institution drives in the dark night.


――This was Keitaro's main intention.


Sunaga listened without going against it, but he didn't give up any criticism.


Although it seemed to Keitaro that he was old, he could only accept that it was mediocre.


Moreover, I broke up because I felt bad about the calm wind that I wouldn't deal with.


However, within five days, I wanted to go to Sunaga's house again, and when I went out, I took the train bound for Nao Kanda.



Sunaga was in an extremely unclear place where he turned a few times irregularly, turning a small Yokomachi to the right from Sudacho, aiming for the original Ogawatei, that is, the tall building of the present Tenkado.


Unlike Yamanote, there was no room for a large mansion because it was a back street with many houses, but even so, if you didn't cross over the Mikage for about two minutes from the gate to the entrance, you couldn't reach the electric bell at the grid. It was fine.