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God drifted out with a slightly unpleasant color in his round eyes like an owl.


About a week after that, Morimoto hadn't returned yet.


Keitaro also began to be suspicious again.


When I passed in front of the counter, I even deliberately stopped and asked if it wasn't there yet.


However, at that time, I remembered myself again and started to move the position, so there are many days when my head is occupied only by that person, so I dare to go in and explore anything more than this. There wasn't.


To tell the truth, as Morimoto predicted, he abandoned the rights of curious people for the sake of food and clothing.


Then one night, my husband opened the shoji and crawls in, declining whether he would like to disturb him.


He took an old-fashioned cigarette holder from his waist and made a popping sound when he pulled out the tube.


Then he filled a silver pipe with chopped grass and let the skillful smoke spill through his nose.


Keitaro didn't realize his intention to hold up slowly until he was cut out because he was clearly facing him, and he just thought it was strange.


The owner, who said, "Actually, I had a little request," shouted a little and said, "Why don't you tell me where Mr. Morimoto is? I hope it will bother you. I won't do anything, "he added to the stick from the bush.


Keitaro received this unexpected question and didn't say anything for a while, but finally he looked into his husband's face, saying, "What the hell is that?"


Then I tried to read his meaning, but my husband seemed to have a clogged pipe and was digging a gooseneck with Keitaro's fire chopsticks.


After that, I tried out Pupputsu's communication, and then I started to explain it.


According to the owner, Morimoto has been staying at this house for about 6 months.


However, it was my next trip to a place where I was not a customer who has been playing for three years, I was not a person who was playing, and I believed in his excuse that I would do something at the end of this year, and did not give any special reminder. ..


I always believed that my house was on a business trip, but I finally got suspicious because the deadline had passed and I couldn't go home no matter how long I waited, or no message came from anywhere.


So I checked his room on one side and went to Shimbashi on the other side to ask about his business trip destination.


However, in the room, the luggage was left as it was, and it was no different from the time he was there, but Shimbashi's answer was unexpected.


Morimoto, who had just thought he was on a business trip, was accused of being scolded only last month.


"That's why you're in a friendly relationship with Mr. Hirao Morimoto, so when you ask you, you probably know where you're going.


I'm not going to tell you what to do with Mr. Morimoto, so please let me know where you are. "


Keitaro, as a friend of this disappeared person, thought it was a nuisance to be treated by his husband as if he had entered into his unscented act.


To tell the truth, I must have approached Morimoto with a certain kind of praise until recently, but if it is considered that there is a secret meeting even for such an actual problem, there is a future. I felt that it was a great disappointment as a young man.




Honestly, he got angry at his husband's mistake in his stomach.


However, before I got angry, I first felt the eerie feeling that even a cold blue general was held.


The misunderstanding of a man who calms down and takes a notch from an old-fashioned cigarette and stuffs it into the gooseneck gave Keitaro the same anxiety as the correct answer.


He was a man who skillfully handled the pipe like a kind of art that accompanies the negotiation.


Keitaro was watching him for a while.


It was a pity that there was no other way to clear the suspicion than just not knowing it.


As expected, the master did not easily put the cigarette in his waist.


I put the smoke tube in the cylinder and saw it and saw it out.


Every time I heard a popping sound as usual.


Keitaro finally felt like he wanted to get rid of this sound.


"I'm a poor student who has just graduated from school and has no profession, as you know, but he's still a little educated man.