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彼岸過迄:夏目 漱石(123-150)/4724




"I always like the view from your room," he said, opening the window shoji and placing a wet towel on the rim with a handrail.



Keitaro had a kind of curiosity from Hirao about the man who goes to the Shimbashi stop every day without suffering from a big illness while being sick.


He is more than thirty.


So I'm still boarding alone | I live and commute to the stop.


However, Keitaro has nothing to do with Keitaro because he has never asked him what he is doing and what kind of affairs he is dealing with at the stop, and he has never talked to him.


Sometimes I happen to send people to the stop, but at that time I get confused by the congestion and I can't afford to think about the stop and Morimoto together. As I recall, I didn't even have the opportunity to show up where Keitaro should have seen.


It was just a book about the relationship or sympathy of staying in the same boarding house for a long time, until I became friends with greetings and small talk.


Therefore, it may be more appropriate to say that Keitaro's curiosity about Morimoto is in him in the past rather than in him now.


One day, Keitaro heard from Morimoto's mouth the story of the time when he was the main character of the family he had a history of.


I also heard about his wife.


I also heard the story of the dead child between them.


"The hunger died, so it seems like it was saved.


Keitaro still remembers his words, "I was actually afraid of the Haunting of Yamanokami."


At that time, I didn't understand Yama-no-Kami, and when I asked him what it was, I still remember the strangeness of being told that it was the Chinese language of Yama-no-Kami.


Even if I recall them, from Keitaro's point of view, all of Morimoto's past had a kind of romance odor, shining a suspicious light like the tail of a sword star.


Besides the anecdotes about the woman being made or cut, he was also the main character of various adventures.


It seems that he hasn't hit the fur seal umbilical cord yet by going to Tyuleniy Island, but it seems that he made a profit by catching salmon somewhere in Hokkaido.


After that, I walked by touching that a cheap nun came out from a mountain in Shikoku, and it must be true that he never confessed.


However, the most eccentric thing is the plan of the drinking company, which seems to have come up from the fact that there are very few craftsmen who make drinking barrels in Tokyo, but he said that it was not established because he collided with the craftsmen who called in from Osaka. Yes, I'm still disappointed.


When it comes to ordinary buoyancy away from profit, he also easily proves that he is the owner of a very rich material.


Looking at the mountain across the river from somewhere upstream of the Chikuma River, it is still normal for bears to take a nap on the Iwao, so when it becomes more colored, Shinshu | It is said that the inner temple of Mt. Togakushi is a difficult place for ordinary people to climb, but I was surprised because the blind climbed to the top.


In order to visit there, no matter how proficient the legs are, it is necessary to reveal it overnight on the way, so Morimoto has no choice but to bonfire around the 5th station to overcome the cold of the night. I heard the sound of the bell, and while I was wondering, the sound of the bell became closer and closer, and finally the seat came up.


Moreover, the seater said that he greeted Morimoto tonight and went up again, so I thought it was too strange, and when I listened carefully, it seems that there was actually one guide.


It was explained that he had put a bell on the guide's waist so that the blind person who came later could climb up by relying on the sound of the bell, and I was a little convinced, but even so, Keitaro It's a surprising story.


However, when it gets a little higher, it becomes a strange thing that is almost like a youkai story, and it is announced most humorously from under his sloppy mustache.


As he passed through Yabakei, he went up to Rakanji Temple, hurried on a straight road at Higurashi, and came down between the Suginami trees, and suddenly rubbed against a woman.