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門:夏目 漱石(3332-3369)/3927


He said, "Let me guide you to your room."


After leaving the cut-off area of the hearth, passing the main hall to the side, opening the shoji of the six-mat tatami mat outside of it, from the edge, and being guided inside, Sosuke had the feeling that he had come to the distance for the first time. did.


However, my head was more upset than when I was in town, probably because I was in conflict with the quiet surroundings.


Approximately an hour later, I heard the footsteps of Gichido from the main hall again.


He said, "It seems that the old teacher will be a companion, so I'll come if it's convenient." He poked his knees carefully over the threshold.


The two went out in a row with the temple empty again.


When you came to the back about one street along the street of Sanmon, there was Hasuike on the left side.


Since it was cold and cold, the pond was just stagnant and there was no sense of cleanliness, but there was a room with a balustrade protruding to the edge of the high stone cliff outside. , I added a possible scenic effect to the literary paintings.


"Asuko is the place where the old teacher can live," said Gido, a relatively new building.


 They passed in front of Hasuike, climbed the stone steps of the 56th grade, and cut to the immediate left with the large cathedral roof in front of them.


When you approach the entrance,


I said "I'm a little sorry", but I went to the back door only, but eventually came out from the back,


I guided him to "Come here" and went to the place where the old teacher was.


The old teacher looked fifty.


He had a black, glossy face.


His skin and muscles were all tense and nothing was impressed, and the impression of the statue was engraved on Sosuke's chest.


Just because my lips were too thick, I could see some slack there.


Instead, his eyes flashed a kind of vividness that a normal human should never see.


When Sosuke first came into contact with his line of sight, he was conscious of seeing the white blade in the dark.


"Well, no matter what you enter," the old teacher turned to Sosuke.


"What was the original aspect before parents were unborn, it would be good to think about it one by one."


 Sosuke didn't really understand what he meant before he was a parent, but he decided that what he was meant to do was to catch his body and see it.


To speak more than that, I didn't have much knowledge about Zen, so I returned silently to Ichimokuan, accompanied by Gido.


For dinner, Sogido told Sosuke that he had to enter the room twice in the morning and evening, and that the advocacy time was in the morning.


He said kindly, "I may not be able to see it tonight, so let me invite you tomorrow or tomorrow."


After that, at first, it was difficult for me to sit up and sit down, so I made incense sticks, timed with it, and cautioned me that it would be nice if I could take a little break.


Sosuke, with his incense stick, walked in front of the main hall, crawled into the six-mat room in his room, and sat down vaguely.


From his point of view, I didn't feel that the nature of the so-called Koban was far from my present.


I am now suffering from stomachache.


When I came to me with the complaint of abdominal pain, it was generally said that it would be nice to raise a difficult mathematical problem as a symptomatic treatment and to think about it.


If I had to think about it, I wouldn't think about it, but it had to be done after the abdominal pain had subsided.


 At the same time, he was a man who took his time off work and purposely came here.


Even the person who wrote the letter of introduction and Gido, who was careful about everything, could not act too disrespectfully.


First of all, he offered the courage he could forgive himself and decided to go for the bill.


Neither himself knew exactly where it led him and what consequences he brought to his heart.


He was deceived by the illustrious name of Satoru and attempted an adventure that did not suit his normal life.


Then, if he succeeded in this adventure, he had a fleeting hope that he would be able to save his uneasy, indefinite and weak self.


 He smoked a thin incense stick in the ash of a cold brazier, and erected a half-sleeve on the street seating team as taught.