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門:夏目 漱石(3237-3284)/3927


A colleague who was so sorry to observe Sosuke's appearance at the beginning seemed to admit a certain meaning beyond chatting in the back of his question, and he spoke in that direction more kindly than before.


However, I confessed that I had never had any experience of doing Zen before.


If you would like to hear more about it, fortunately there is a man who often goes to Kamakura who I know, so I would like to introduce it.


Sosuke wrote down his name and street address in his notebook in the car.


Then the next day, I took a detour and took a detour with my colleague's letter.


Sosuke's bosom letter was acknowledged at the seat.


 I got sick at the government office and decided to rest for about 10 days.


I repaired the rice before rice as ill.


"I have a little brain trouble, so I will take a rest from the public office for a week and play."


It seems that there is something wrong with her husband's appearance around this time, so I was so worried about the fact that I was so worried about the fact that I was so pleased with Sosuke's decisiveness.


However, I was totally surprised by the suddenness.


"Where are you going to play?" I asked without turning my eyes.


"I still want to like Kamakurabe," Sosuke calmed down.


Most of the time, sober Sosuke and high-ranking Kamakura were far from each other.


Suddenly connecting the two was humorous.


Rice also couldn't stop smiling.


"Well, you're rich.


Please take me with me as well."


Sosuke couldn't afford to enjoy this beloved Hojo-kun's joke.


With a serious face,


"You shouldn't go to such a luxurious place.


It's just a matter of staying at a Zen temple and resting quietly for a week or ten days.


I don't know if it will be good or not, but when you go to a place with good air, everyone says that your head is very different."


"It's different.


That's why you should go.


It's a real joke right now.''


I felt that rice was playing with a good husband, but it seemed to be a little overdone.


Sosuke took the train from Shimbashi, using the letter of introduction he had given him the next day.


 The letter of introduction was written as Shakyamuni.


"I used to be a samurai until this time, but at this time I put my hand in the old hermitage room at the top of the tower and asked if I lived there.


Please, when you arrive, ask and see.


When I wrote that the name of the hermitage was Ichimoku-an, I had to be careful, so when Sosuke thanked me and received the letter, it was a completely new word to me that he was a samurai's tower. I heard the explanation of and went back.


 When you entered the mountain gate, there was a big cedar on the left and right, and it blocked the sky high, so the road suddenly darkened.


When he touched the gloomy air, Sosuke suddenly found out the distinction between the world and the temple.


Standing at the entrance of a quiet precinct, he had a chill similar to the first time he was aware of a cold.


First he walked straight.


I could see a hall-like thing and a hall-like thing on the left and right sides as well as on the runners.


However, there were no people in or out.


Everything was rusting as a lonely child.


Sosuke was standing in the middle of a path that no one could pass, looking around, thinking about where to go and where to find the road to Gido.


 It seemed like a temple that was built by cutting the hem of the mountain and going up to the back of one or two chomes.


The right and left sides of the road were never flat because they were controlled by the terrain of the mountain and the hill.


At the small elevated places, I reached the second and third houses where the stone steps were folded from below and the temple-like gate was set up high.


There were many trees scattered on the plain.


When I approached them, they were all covered under the gate tiles by the temple and hermitages.


Sosuke walked after reading twelve pieces of the old stripped foil, but he suddenly searched out from Ichimoku-an, and if there was no priest addressed to the letter, it would be more convenient to go further and ask. I came up with the idea.


Then I went back and examined the tower one by one, and as soon as I entered the Sanmon, Ichimokuan was on a high stone step on the right hand side.


Since it's off the hill, it looks like it's warmer in the bosom of the mountain behind than in the winter, with a light entrance and a light entrance.