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門:夏目 漱石(2031-2067)/3927


Sosuke had no candles, so he turned on Western lights.


The doctor pushed the eyes of the sleeping rice open, and meticulously gathered the light of the reflector into the back of his eyelashes.


The medical examination ended there.


He turned to Sosuke, saying, "The medicine was a little too effective," but as soon as he saw Sosuke's eye color,


"But don't worry.


In such a case, if bad results occur, it probably affects the heart or the brain, but I haven't found any abnormalities in both of them."


Sosuke was finally relieved.


Doctors also think that the sleeping pills they use are relatively new, and that, theoretically, they are not as harmful as other sleeping pills, and that their effects differ greatly depending on the patient's constitution. I told him something and went back.


When returning, Sosuke


When asked, "Isn't it okay to stay asleep for as long as I can?"


After the doctor returned, Sosuke suddenly became hungry.


When I went out to the tea room, the iron kettle I had been hanging on was boiling properly.


When I called Kiyo and ordered him to give him a set, Kiyo looked in trouble and replied that he wasn't ready yet.


I had a little time for dinner.


Sosuke easily scratched the crossed armpit by the brazier, chewed the pickled radish pickles, and rubbed in about four cups of hot water.


After about 30 minutes, the rice eyes woke up by themselves.




 Sousuke straddled the hair sill threshold for the first time in a long time as he felt like trying to catch the head of the New Year.


Because of the long life, many customers were standing up, so there were a few scissors at the same time.


Since Sosuke has just seen the activity of Omotesui, who is overwhelmed by this cold and is eager to enter spring as early as possible, the sound of the scissors makes his eardrums sound like a busy sound. hit.


While waiting for a while with a cigarette next to the furnace, Sosuke was forced to be involved in a big public activity unrelated to him, and felt like a man who had to live for years. ..


With the New Year ahead of him, he didn't have any new hope for this, but he was ill-intentioned by others to hold his mind.


The rice attack finally settled down.


Nowadays, even if I go outside like a weekday, I don't care much about my house.


Compared to other places, the preparation for the spring, which was quieter, was no different than the busyness of the rice once a year from the point of view of rice, or even prepared as usual to prepare for the year easier than usual. Sosuke looked at his wife as if he had been reborn, and patted his chest as if the horrific tragedy was one step away.


But the vague idea of not knowing when and how the tragedy would come to capture his family occasionally sprang in his head.


At the end of the year, when a worldly-minded person who deliberately pushed forward a short day forward, Sousuke was further struck by this vague fear. ..


If it were to happen, I even thought that I would want to remain alone in a dark and gloomy teacher.


Finally, when his turn came and he found his shadow in the cold mirror, he suddenly looked at what it was supposed to be.


Wrapped in a white cloth from the neck down, I could not see the color or stripes of my kimono.


At that time, he also noticed that the bird cage, which the barber's owner had, was reflected in the back of the mirror.


A bird flickers over the perch.


 I was scented by oil on my head, and after a good voice of business, I came out to the front and still had a refreshing feeling.


In the cold air, Sosuke realized that cutting the hair as recommended by the rice had the effect of refreshing the mind.


 Since it was necessary to ask a little about the water tax, Sosuke stopped at Sakai on his way back.


My girlfriend came out and said to me, so I thought I would take me to the usual room, and I passed through it and led me to the tea room.


Then, the sliding doors between the tea rooms were open for two shaku, and the laughter of 34 people was heard from the inside.