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門:夏目 漱石(1989-2030)/3927


It was the same as in the morning when there was a powdered medicine bag and a Western cup on the vermillion tray at the bedside, and half of the water in the Western cup remained.


It was the same as in the morning, with the head facing toward the floor, and the cheek on the left and the neckline with the mustard sticking out a little.


Other than exhalation, deep sleep that seems to have no connection with the real world was the same as I saw in the morning.


Everything was no different from the sight that I went to my head this morning.


Sosuke, without taking off his cloak, bent over and listened for a while while listening to the light breath of rice.


The rice didn't look like it would wake up easily.


Sosuke broke his finger and counted the time after the rice powder was taken last evening.


Then, the color of anxiety finally appeared on the surface.


I was worried that I couldn't sleep until last evening, but when I looked around my eyes as I was going to sleep for a long time, I thought that sleeping was something strange.


Sosuke shook the rice a few times with his hands on the bun.


The hair of the rice moved like a wave on the pillow, but the rice was still asleep.


Sosuke laid down rice and went out to the kitchen through the tea room.


The bowl and the bowl were soaked in the sink's vat without washing.


When I looked into the lower room, Kiyo was holding a small set in front of him, and was lying down at the palace.


Sosuke pulled the six-mat room again and inserted his neck.


Koroku was sleeping there, covering one from the head.


​Sousuke changed his clothes by himself, but he also folded the clothes that he had thrown off and confided them by himself without the help of someone.


Then I set the fire in the brazier and prepared to boil the water.


I was thinking about holding it for a few minutes in a brazier, but after a while I got up and started from Kogoku.


Next, I raised the Qing.


Both were surprised and jumped up.


When I asked Koroku about the state of rice from this morning until now, I was really sleepy, so I ate about 10 and a half hours and went to bed. ..


"Go to the doctor.


I took the medicine last night, went to bed, and I can't wake up even now, but please ask me if it makes a difference."




Koroku made a simple reply and went out.


Sosuke came back to the tatami room and contemplated the face of rice.


I put my arms around in a confusing manner, as if I had to raise it would be bad, and if I would raise it would hurt my body.


Shortly after, Koroku came back, and the doctor was about to go to the house call, and when I told him the reason, I told him that I would go to the house and go right away.


Sosuke asked Koroku whether he could leave him in this way until he saw the doctor. Was there.


Then, in my mind, both the doctor and Koroku felt too unfriendly.


Besides that, he was still unpleasant to remember the face of Kogoku who came back while he was holding rice.


It was the first time I knew that Koroku was drinking sake, but when I carefully watched my brother's behavior, it seemed that some things weren't so serious, so even if I knew it someday Although I was thinking about not having to do it, I was sorry to show the two faces that were not interesting to the rice, so I had deliberately refrained from doing it to this day.


"If you want to say it, it's time for rice to sleep.


Nowadays, I don't have to worry about what kind of weird things that both sides call on.


 Although I had thought up to this point, when I saw the face of rice that had no perception, I became worried again and I felt like wanting to wake it up immediately, so I decided to make a rush.


The doctor finally came there.


▽I was listening to Sosuke's saying while pulling the bag from last evening carefully to the side and blowing a loose cigarette, but I turned to the rice to see how.


He watched his watch for a long time, taking the pulse of the sick person as usual.


Then I put a black stethoscope over my heart.


I moved it around carefully.


At the end, he called out a reflector with a round hole and asked Sosuke to light a candle.