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門:夏目 漱石(1812-1849)/3927


It seems that bonito ships do not make much money, either."


When rice sees Koroku's pitiful appearance, he sometimes comes back with a sense of alcohol, it contains murder somewhere, and it's hard to understand why it's disturbing his temper. Compared with Koroku, I was sorry for my heart and it was strange.


At that time,




Even if my brother has money, I can raise it anyway," he said in compassion, not a compliment.


Perhaps that evening, Koguro wrapped his cold body in his cloak again, but when he came back at eight o'clock, he took out a white striped bag from his side in front of his elder brother's couple and made buckwheat noodles in the cold. I bought it on my way home from Saeki, thinking that I would eat it.


Then, while the rice was boiling, he said that he would boil it and scratched the bonito flakes.


At that time, as a recent news, the Sosuke couple heard that Annosuke's marriage was finally extended to spring.


This affair happened shortly after Annosuke graduated from school, and by the time Koguroku returned from Boshu and his aunt refused to supply her with school resources, much talk had taken place.


Sosuke didn't even know when he wore it, because he didn't receive an official notice, but he only went to Saiki occasionally, and only through Koroku, who heard something, he said he was going to have a ceremony for the new couple. I expected.


Other than that, I heard through Kogoku that only a company employee with a bride-in-law has a good living, that the school is a girls' school, and that there are many brothers. I chose


Only Koroku knew his face even in the photo.


"A good amount?"


I heard that rice.


Kohoku replied, "Well, that's what I like."


 Don't finish the ceremony in the evening that night, it became a topic of the three people while the soba rake was completed.


I speculated that rice might be bad in orientation.


Sosuke thought it was because there was no day left.


Only Koroku alone


"It's because of the need for material.


The aunt isn't a simple house, so I can't do that easily with my aunt," he said.




The rice was rolled out around the time when it was halfway through autumn and the leaves turned reddish black.


Aside from the time I spent in Kyoto, in both Hiroshima and Fukuoka, rice that hadn't sent a very healthy month-and-day experience couldn't be said to be an appointment even after returning to Tokyo.


There was a time when the rice was worried enough to make me suspect that the water in her hometown might not suit her for her.


Nowadays, it has become more and more calm, and the chances of rubbing Sosuke's mind have decreased so much that he can count on the bills many times a year. I was able to spend time with all my heart.


So this fall, when the wind passing through the light frost made my skin feel hard, and when I started feeling a little uncomfortable again, the rice didn't suffer much.


In the beginning, I didn't even inform Sosuke.


Sosuke found it and suggested that he should be taken to a doctor, but it wasn't easy.


Koroku moved there.


Sosuke was observing the rice grains at that time and knew only his husband that he was in good physical condition and mental patterns. It was unavoidable, so there was no other way than to leave it alone.


He gave me the contradictory advice that I had to keep my mouth as quiet as possible.


The rice smiled,


"It's okay," he said.


When he got this answer, Sosuke was still relieved.


However, mysteriously, the mood of rice has continued to stand out since Koroku moved.


I felt that my heart was nervous because I added a little responsibility to myself, and rather, I took care of my husband and Kogoku more than I was.


It didn't make any sense to Koroku, but from the perspective of Sosuke, it was easy to see how much the rice was stronger than it was in the past.