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門:夏目 漱石(1692-1728)/3927


On the contrary, I envied that I couldn't see my face or attitude, even though my husband annoyed the child with his mouth, and seemed to make it a bit painful.


In anticipation of good times, Sosuke asked the owner to show him the folding screen that he talked about.


The master immediately accepted it, squealed his hands, and called the servant, but commanded him to take out what was stored in the warehouse.


Then, facing Sosuke,


``I had been standing there until a few days ago, but the children in the example gathered in the shadow of the folding screen for fun and made various mischiefs, so I thought that it would be hard to be scratched. It's complicated."


When Sosuke heard this word from his husband, it was bothersome and annoying to see him show a folding screen.


To tell the truth, his curiosity was not so strong.


Indeed, what was once attributed to another property, whether it was the original one or not, had no doubt that it had no effect at all when I found it.


However, the folding screen, as Sosuke had offered, was soon carried out from the back along the way and appeared in front of him.


Then, as expected, it was the one that had been erected in my parlor until just this time.


When he discovered this fact, Sosuke's head was not so impressed.


However, I saw this folding screen in the color of the tatami mat I was sitting on, the grain of the ceiling, the figurine on the floor, the pattern of the sliding doors, etc. Considering the addition of the work that I took out carefully, it was certainly more than ten times more than when I had it.


He couldn't immediately find what to say, so he prankly put his eyes on what he was used to, not even newer.


 The master misunderstood Sosuke as a viewer to some extent.


While standing, he touched the edge of the folding screen to compare the side of Sosuke and the side of the folding screen, but since Sosuke does not make a criticism easily,


"This is a certain feature.


It's coming out."


Sosuke is just


"I see."


 The master eventually came around after Sosuke, and pointed here and there with his fingers, and gave explanations and explanations.


Among them, there is only a daimyo, and since this painter's characteristic is to use his favorite paint generously, it seems to be new to Sosuke, but it is generally known to Sosuke. There were a lot of things that happened.


 Sosuke carefully looked back at the times when he was sloppy, thanked him politely, and returned to his original seat.


The master also fixed on the camp.


Then, I talked about the subjects such as Noji and Sora, and the typeface.


From the perspective of Sosuke, the master had a lot of interest in books and haiku.


It seemed like a man who knows everything enough to wonder how much knowledge he can store in his head.


Sousuke was ashamed of himself and tried not to say as much as possible, and he listened to what he was talking about.


 The host saw the customer's lack of interest in this direction and returned the story to the picture again.


There is no such thing as a gorgeous one, but he kindly offered to show me the paintings and cloths that he owns if he wishes.


Sosuke couldn't help but decline his favor.


Instead, I asked him how rude he was, and asked how much he had paid to get this folding screen.


"Well, it's a bargain.


I bought it for 80 yen," the owner replied immediately.


Sosuke sat in front of his master and wondered whether he should confess all the details about the folding screen, but he realized that it would be fun to confess, and finally, this was the truth, and he gave a detailed account of his history. It was


The master sometimes heard humming and humming, with words that surprised him, but in the end,


“So you loved calligraphy, and I didn't come to see it,” he laughed at his misunderstanding as if it was an interesting experience.


At the same time, he said that he had done so much if he should have given him a direct price from Sosuke.