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門:夏目 漱石(1645-1691)/3927


 Because I was in a gloomy room until now, when I came to the street, I suddenly felt dim.


As the skin's muscles resisted the cold wind and felt sharp in the winter's feeling of being austere at one time, I felt a certain pleasant feeling, so Sosuke is not good to keep rice even at home, climate When I liked it, I walked thinking that it would be a poison if I had to let the outside air breathe.


 When I entered the gate of Sakai's house, I saw a bright red object that didn't suit winter in the eyes of the hedge that is the partition between the entrance and the door.


When I went to the side and inspected it, it was a small item for hanging on a doll.


The technique of putting thin bamboo through the sleeves and leaning against the branches of the fan-shaped tree so that it would not fall off was a special victory for the girl.


My daughter, who was about to play such a trick, was a firm man, and Sosuke, who had no experience raising a child, stood for a while looking at this little red nightclothes that was always dry.


Then, I remembered the red chicks, the five bandages, the beautiful dried confectionery, and the sweet and spicy white sake that my parents decorated for my dead sister twenty years ago.


Despite the fact that the owner of Sakai was at home, he said he was eating, so he had to wait a while.


As soon as Sosuke arrived at the seat, he heard the loud noises of those who hung up small night gear in the next room.


When the young lady opened the sliding doors to carry tea, she had already seen about four large eyes from the shadow of the sliding doors.


When I brought out the brazier, I could see a different face after that.


Perhaps because it was my first time, the faces that appeared every time I opened and closed the sliding doors were all different, and I didn't know how many children there were.


Eventually, when the young woman retired, she opened a piece of Karagami into a fine piece of paper, and only a black glowing eye came out from between.


Sosuke also became interesting, and silently beckoned and saw it.


Then, the Karagami was closed tightly, and 34 people laughed in a voice on the other side.


Eventually, one girl


"Yes, sister, let's play with my aunt as usual," he said.


Then it looks like my sister


"Yes, today's western aunt.


Mr. Tosaku is a father because he is a father, and Yukiko is a mother because he is a mother.


Good luck".


Then another voice,


"It's funny.


Some of them smiled happily.


"I'm still my grandmother.


You must have the grandmother's western name.


What did your grandmother say?"


“My grandmother can be Baba,” explained her sister.


For the time being, I'm sorry to say that I was exchanging greetings from both parties.


In the meantime, a temporary color of the phone called Chirin Chirin was exchanged.


Everything was so cheerful and unusual for Sosuke.


I wish there was a footstep from the back and the master came out here, but as soon as I entered the next room,


"Now, you guys don't make noise here.


Come over there.


It's a customer."


At that time, who soon


"I'm sorry.


Father grandma.


I have to buy a big horse, I won't go there".


The voice was that of a little boy.


My tongue didn't turn well, perhaps because I wasn't going to age, so it was troublesome and time-consuming to defend.


Sosuke found it particularly interesting.


 While the owner sat down and apologized for the long-standing rudeness, the child went far.


"It's very busy and it's fine," said Sosuke, who said that the owner received it as charming.


I answered with an excuse, saying, "No, it's a messy state as you see," but with that as a start, I talked to Sosuke about various things such as the burning of his children and the enormous labor involved.


Among them, a cup of charcoal was placed in a beautiful Chinese flower bowl | A humorous man said that he put it up between the floors and a mischief that he drew water into the shoes of his master and released a goldfish, Sosuke was very new.


However, because there are many girls, clothes are needed, or when I travel for two weeks and come back, everyone's back suddenly grows a bit, so I feel like I can catch up with them later, When it was said that the child would not only be overwhelmed by his wife's preparations but would be slaughtered, he could not have so much sympathy for Sosuke, who had no children.