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門:夏目 漱石(1280-1326)/3927


Rice is


"But you are comfortable.


When you lie down, it's enough. I'm already sleeping before it's over."


"Sleeping sleeps, but it's easy to sleep.


I mean, I'm tired, so I'll sleep well," Sosuke replied.


While talking about this, Sosuke fell asleep again.


The rice was still moving in the constant bed.


Then, one car passed by making a loud noise.


Nowadays, rice is sometimes surprised to hear the sound of the car before the dawn.


Then, when I thought about it, I guessed that the same car would pass the same place every morning because it was a similar time.


Since I was rushing to do so, probably because I wanted to deliver milk, I heard this sound, and at the end of the day, I felt as though my neighbor's activities had begun.


When I was doing that, I heard a chicken voice somewhere.


Also, after a while, there was a thing that made a loud geta sound and passed through.


It seemed that Kiyo opened the door of the lower room and got up in the urine, but he seemed to come to the tea room and look at the clock.


At this time, the oil from the Western light placed between the floors was exhausted and I could not reach my short heart, so the place where the rice was sleeping was in the dark.


The shadow of the light that Kiyo's hands shined through from the fusuma.


"It is pure," said Rice.


Kiyoshi woke up shortly thereafter.


About 30 minutes later, rice also got up.


Also, about 30 minutes later, Sosuke finally got up.


Normally, rice comes in at a good time,


An example was to say, "It's okay to wake up already."


On Sunday and the occasional flag day,


It just changed to "Give me up now."


However, today I felt somewhat anxious about what happened last night, so Sosuke left the floor before the rice arrived.


Then, I went to the rain door below the cliff.


Looking down from below, after the cold bamboo stayed still in the morning air, the color of the day when the frost broke radiated and dyed the top a little.


Sosuke was a little surprised that the dead grass growing at the steepest part of the slope about two shaku was peeled off strangely and the skin of red soil was exposed vividly.


Then, I got down in a straight line, and the soil on the edge of my nose, where I was standing, was as rough as a frost pillar.


I thought that Sosuke might have fallen from the top even with a big dog.


But no matter how big it was for a dog, I thought it was too violent.


Sosuke came up with geta from the entrance and immediately went down to the garden.


Since the toilet was bent and projected to the end of the rim, the narrow cliff below the cliff was narrower for about halfway to the back.


For rice, every time a cleaner comes, be mindful of this corner.


I was often laughed at by Sosuke because there was a danger, "I wish Asuko was a little wider."


 When you pass through it, there is a straight path leading straight to the kitchen.


Originally, there was a cedar fence with dead branches, which served as a partition for the adjacent garden, but when the landlord put in his hand during this time, the cedar leaves full of holes were beautifully removed, and now there are many knots. The board fence blocked one side up to the door.


In addition to the bad sunlight, only raindrops fall from the gutter, so a lot of autumn seacoasts grow in summer.


At the peak of the day, the blue leaves overlap with each other, and they grow so thick that there are almost no paths.


For the first time in the year, Sosuke and Rice have been surprised to see this scenery.


This autumn seacoast had been sunk underground for several years before it could not be pulled out of Sugigaki, and even when the old house was obsessed with it, when it came to the time when it became clear that it would sprout as it used to be. , Rice is


"But it's cute," he was happy.


When Sosuke stepped on the frost and went out to Yokote, which has many memorials, his eyes fell to one point along the long narrow road.


Then he stayed in the cold of the sun.


A black lacquer lacquer handbag was thrown at his feet.


The contents are properly placed on the frost as if I brought them there and left them, but the lid is separated by a few shaku, and it is turned over as if it was struck at the root of the fence. I could clearly see the pattern of the stretched Chiyogami.


While the letters and writings leaked from the library were scattered all over the place, a relatively long piece of paper was purposely spread out by two shaku, and the ends were rolled up like paper scraps.