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So let's put it in my mind," Sosuke said.


His younger brother dislikes the appearance of Burarin in his nature.He said that he could not bear the situation that he couldn't practice after school and couldn't get down. However, Sosuke's attitude remained the same.


When Koroku arranges complaints with a high degree of temper,


"If all that complaining is about that, it's okay no matter where you go.


Stopping school makes no difference.


My brother said, "I am a lot better than I am," said the brother, so Koroku finally returned to Hongo.


Sosuke then bathed in hot water, had dinner, and went out to a fair on the neighborhood with rice at night.


Then I bought two affordable flowers, married couple and brought them one by one.


I said that it would be better to apply it to the night dew, so I opened the shutter under the cliff and placed two of them side by side in the garden.


When you crawl into the mosquito net,


When I asked my husband, "What about Koroku?"


"I still don't know," replied Sosuke, but after enough time, he and his wife slept asleep.


 The next day, when I woke up and started living in the government office, Sosuke had no time to think about Koroku.


Even when I got home and slouched, I was reluctant to picture this problem in front of my definite eye and to see it clearly.


His brain, which was wrapped in his hair, could not bear the annoyance.


When I remembered that I used to love mathematics in the old days, and I had the patience to see a complicated geometric problem in my head with a clear figure The change was terrifying to me.


 Even once a day, the appearance of Koroku was vaguely in the back of my head, and at that time I felt like I had to think about his future.


But soon after, I used to cancel myself so much that I couldn't even rush.


Then, I had a single chest muscle. I lived the day with a feeling of being caught in a hook.


 September of that time, every night|Annosuke came as if it had fallen from the sky at a certain evening where the Milky Way is visible.


It was a rare customer that I couldn't even think of for Sosuke and Momime, so I suppose it was a visit for some reason, but it was a matter about Koroku.


In order to say that Koguro came to the factory in Tsukishima all the while, I heard a detailed story about my financial resources from my brother, but I also came to study so far and finally I can not go to the university. I want to go to a place where I can go, even if I am in debt, but I will ask if there is any good idea, so Yasunosuke often answers to Mr. Mune, and Kogoku immediately My brother is not the person who finally consults me by blocking it.


I don't graduate from college, so I'm thinking about giving up on other things.


Originally this time, even if my brother is in charge if I say the original, it is more calm as it is, and no matter what others say, he will not fight.


So you are the only one who can count on you.


It seems strange to ask you again, even though my aunt officially refused, but it seems that you thought that you would understand more than your aunt, so it seems that it was not likely to move.


 Annosuke says that he was so worried about Mr. Mune, that he should come back to his house for consultation soon, and said he returned to Kogoku.


When I got home, Koroku put out a number of blank sheets from the blank and demanded that he push me for the absence notice, so I couldn't study until I left school or attend school. He said he didn't have to go to school every day.


 Annosuke was busy and went back after talking for less than an hour, but regarding the location of Koroku, there was no specific plan between them.


It was a word at the time of parting that everyone could come closer to each other slowly, and if it was convenient, it would be nice to have Koroku in attendance.