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門:夏目 漱石(656-692)/3927


When he heard the whole story from Koroku, Sosuke just looked at his brother's face,


"I'm in trouble," he said.


As in the old days, there is no tendency to rush to the aunt's place immediately, and the younger brother's attitude that he has been tending towards me like a person who does not need to be taken care of until now, I couldn't even see the sudden change in direction as bad.


Sosuke's beautiful future, which he created on his own, was half crushed. Sosuke, who was seeing Koroku's return as if he was disturbed as if it was due to someone nearby, is dark. I was standing on the threshold of the front door, watching the sunset outside the grid for a while.


After that, Sosuke talked about two small Basho leaves from the back, laid them on the edge of the tatami room, and on top of that, along with rice, cool down and talked about Koroku.


"My aunt wasn't willing to take care of Koroku-san," he said.


"Well, I don't know what it's easy to say before I meet and hear," says Sosuke,


While answering, "I'm sure," I moved the fan in the dark.


Sosuke said nothing and extended his neck to see the thin color of the sky reflected between the eaves and the cliff.


The two kept silent for a while, but for good reason,


"That's not possible," said Rice.


"It wouldn't be possible for me to graduate a university alone," Sosuke said, showing only his abilities.


 The conversation moved on to another topic, and did not come back to Koroku or to my aunt.


A few days after that, it was Saturday, so Sosuke stopped by at his aunt in Bancho on his way home from the office.




He said, "Oh my god, it's a rare thing," and he looked forward to Sousuke more than usual.


At that time, Sosuke put up with him and he asked his aunt the questions he had set aside for the past 45 years.


My aunt couldn't help but refuse to excuse.


My aunt says that when I sold out Sosuke's mansion, I can't remember how much money he had in his uncle's hand, but whatever he did, he returned the debt in time for Sosuke. Still, it seems that there was a surplus of 4,500 yen or 4,300 yen.


However, according to my uncle's opinion, that mansion was provided to him by Sosuke, so no matter how much I had left over, I could regard it as my own income.


However, it is uncomfortable to say that I made a profit from selling Sosuke's mansion, so I keep it under the name of Koroku and make it a property of Koroku.


Sosuke is a man who has been so ruined by doing such a thing that he has no right to take a sentence.


"Don't get angry.


I just say what my uncle said," said my aunt.


Sosuke silently listened to the rest.


Unfortunately, the property that should be stored under the name of Koroku was unfortunately transformed into a lively main street house in Kanda by his uncle's skill.


Then, before I got insurance, I got burned in a fire.


I didn't talk to Koroku from the beginning, so I left it as it was and without knowing it.


"That's why I'm sorry for Mr. Mune, but it's irreplaceable and I can't help it.


Think of it as luck and give up.


But as long as my uncle is alive, I wonder what happens again.


There's no translation if it's about one.


Goodbye, my uncle isn't here, and if it's convenient for me right now, I'll either return the same thing as the burned house to Kogoku, or even if I don't, until I graduate I can take care of him," said the aunt.


It was about Annosuke's profession.


Annosuke is the only son of his uncle, a young man who just left college this summer.


Since he is a man who grew up warmly at home and has no companionship than other students of his class, it can be said that it is a diversion in the world, but somewhere in that diversion there is a fancy attitude. He made an appearance in the real world.


Since I specialize in engineering mechanics, even today, when the company's heat has fallen, there are, of course, one or two mouths that are appropriate for many companies throughout Japan, but the inheritance of Yamaki. It seems that something is lurking somewhere, and I do not want to do my own work to see it, Tsukishima, a small but proprietary factory from the same department, built on the side, independent management Since I met a senior who is doing this, after consulting with the senior, I decided to invest some capital and work together.