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"But I can't go, so I can't help it," he smiled as usual.


At that time, Sosuke thought about his arms for a while like a person who had been sentenced by Hosomi for the first time, but he was bound by the situation and circumstances that he could not escape, no matter how he devised it. Has become.


I couldn't help it, so I went back and forth repeatedly in writing 34 times, but the result was always the same, and as I pushed in the edition, I just repeated the visit section.


"I can't do this," Sosuke looked at the rice with an angry look.


After only three months, it was finally convenient, so I thought I would take rice with me for the first time in a long time, and before I went to Tokyo, I had a cold and fell asleep. I lived on the floor for more than ten days, and fell into a situation where I couldn't work enough for the next thirty days.


Shortly after recovering from the illness, Sosuke had to leave Hiroshima again and move to Fukuoka.


Before moving, I thought that I would like to go to Tokyo for a while because it is a good opportunity, but again, due to various circumstances, I was not able to carry out that, and my destiny was still for those who run the down train. Was rejected.


At that time, when I folded up my house in Tokyo, most of the money I made in my pocket was exhausted.


His life in Fukuoka has been a struggle for the past two years.


When he was a calligraphy student in Kyoto, he often requested a large amount of financial resources from his father under various pretexts, and often remembered the old days of spending at his own will. I was afraid of causal bondage.


At one point, I looked back at the secretly passing spring and saw that it was the pinnacle of my glory, for the first time I woke up to the distant haze in my eyes.


When it finally became difficult,


He said, "I have left rice for a long time, but I'll try again in Tokyo."


Rice is, of course, not the other way around.


Just look down,




I don't trust my uncle at all."


Sosuke said, "I may not have credit here, but I have no credit again," he said, but when he saw that he was looking down on the rice, he suddenly saw it. It seemed like a courageous blow.


At first I repeated this question about 12 times a month, but later it returned in February, then in March, finally,


"I don't like it.


For the rest, when I finally go to Tokyo, I will meet and talk to you.


Hey rice, why don't we do that?"


"That's why I like it," said Rice.


Sosuke left Saeki as it was.


Sosuke thought that mere innocence could not be said to his uncle, even to his past.


Therefore, his discourse was never written from the beginning.


Letters occasionally came from Koroku, but many were very short and formal.


Sosuke only remembers Koroku that he met in Tokyo when his father died, so he still imagines Koroku as a small companion, so there is no need to let his surrogate negotiate with his uncle. Didn't happen.


 The couple, who could not see the light of the day in the world, could not bear the cold, hugged and warmed, relying on their mutual companionship.


When it’s tough, rice is always to Sosuke,


"But I can't help it," he said.


Sosuke is on rice,


He said, "I will be patient."


 While things like giving up and patience were moving between the two, I couldn't seem to cast a shadow of things like the future or hope.


They didn't talk too much about the past.


At times, as I agreed, there was even a wind around it.


Sometimes rice is


"I'm sure there will be something good again.


It's not all that bad."


Then, Sosuke felt it like a poisonous tongue of fate that heeded his sincere wife's mouth.


Sosuke didn't answer anything in that case and just smiled.