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門:夏目 漱石(181-216)/3927


Sosuke smiled and left the window glass and started walking again, but after that, he felt uncomfortable for half a town, and paid no particular attention to the traffic and the storefront.


I suddenly noticed that there was a large magazine store on the corner, and a new book was advertised in large letters at the eaves.


Paper is stretched on a long frame like a ladder, and the color that looks like a pattern is applied to a single sheet of paint.


Sosuke read it one by one.


The name of the author and the name of the crop were both once seen in a newspaper advertisement and totally new.


In the shadow of the corner of this store, about thirty men wearing black bowler hats comfortably crossed the ground and said, "Yes, it's a comfort for the children, but a big balloon. Is inflated.


When it swelled, it naturally became a favorite of Daruma, and Sosuke was impressed by the fact that it was written in black even in the moderate places up to the mouth.


Moreover, once I breathe in, it swells forever.


Moreover, the hips can be set freely on the tip of the finger or on the palm.


When it thrusts a thin object like a toothpick into the hole in the buttocks, it contracts all at once.


 Although many busy people can pass by, no one can stop and see.


A man in a bowler hat puts his legs in a cold corner in a bustling town and doesn't feel what's going on around him, but the solace of children is daruma. Is inflated.


Sosuke took out five coins, bought one of the balloons, had him shrink it, and put it in the armor.


I went to a beautiful barber shop and wanted to get my hair cut, but before I could find out where it was, I couldn't find it for a while, so the day came, so I boarded the train again and headed for my house.


When Sosuke came to the end of the train and handed the ticket to the driver, it was about time that the color of the sky had lost its light and a dark shadow cast on wet traffic.


When I tried to get off and grabbed the iron pillar, I suddenly felt cold.


The people who get off together get away from each other and walk busy with things.


Looking at the outskirts of the town, it seems that white smoke is moving into the atmosphere from the eaves of the left and right houses to the roots.


Sosuke also turned to the direction with many trees and took a quick walk.


I thought it was already over on today's Sunday and the gloomy weather, and I felt a kind of ephemeral and lonely feeling.


Then, tomorrow again, as usual, thinking that it is a body that has to work hard as usual, half a day's life suddenly became sad, and the unsatisfactory behavior of the remaining six and a half days is definitely It felt boring.


As I walked, I noticed the pattern of a large room with bad sunlight, poor windows, the faces of my colleagues sitting next to me, and the appearance of a boss who was a little like Mr. Nonaka.


Passing in front of an omelet called Uokatsu, turn to the place where you can't get along with Yokoshiro, which is the 56th house, and you'll find a cliff with a high destination. There is.


Until recently, there was a lonely house that was believed to have lived and lived in the back of a sparse Sugigaki, but a man named Sakai on the cliff was here. Immediately after I bought it, I broke the thatched roof and pulled out the Sugigaki, making it easy to build a new building like today.


Sosuke's house hits the side street and is a little gloomy because it's on the far left and is just below the cliff. So, after consulting with Hosou-kun, I chose it in particular.


Sosuke had already settled down on the Sunday after returning on the seventh day, so he quickly got into the hot water, cut his hair when he had time, and then hurriedly opened the lattice, hoping to eat a loose dinner. ..


There is a small plate sound in the kitchen.


As he was trying to climb up, he put his foot on the geta that Koroku had thrown off without noticing it.


Koroku came out to the place where it was bent and adjusted.


Rice in the kitchen




Older brother? "


I heard.




I went up to the parlor saying, "Hey, did you come?"


From the time I sent the mail, I walked in Kanda, got off the train, and returned to my house.