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明暗:夏目 漱石(10217-10262)/11494


There was very little distance between the platform where the scissors were placed in the ticket and the platform.


As soon as I moved 56 steps, I reached the stairs where I could walk.


He met in the cabin and again with the two of us.




Please call here. "


The grandfather shifted his hips and made room for Tsuda to lay his knees on his arms.


"It's fine today."


The grandfather, in the sense of a cold summer summer, from the day of the night to the New Year, and then seventy eight | After talking and listening, I looked back at my companion.


"It's actually a sin to bring a woman at that time.


I can't get on the first ride because my butt is big.


I'm troubled because I get drunk right away.


It is spitting and returning while being pressed like sushi.


What if I didn't see it? "


He spoke in a manner that seemed to have forgotten the existence of a woman sitting by his side.


One hundred seventy


Even in the light, Tsuda's peace seemed to be disturbed by this aging optimist.


From now on, when I arrive at the destination, my attitude to take depending on the situation, the inn, the mountain, the mountain stream, where such things are depicted in my imagination, it fluctuates randomly. On occasion, the old man suddenly beat him out of his dream.


"Because I'm still working on the temporary bridge, it's kind of drunk.


Look, Hijikata is working that much. ''


The old man cursed that this bridge was washed away by last year's floodwaters and was not yet completed, and was newly created at the exit of the river pouring into the sea, after swearing it was also a company negligence. He pointed to a house and tried to draw Tsuda's attention again.


"That house was drowned in the waves last year.


But because it was built so quickly, I'm less impressed than a light flight. ''


"I don't want to miss out on the summer vacationers this summer."


"If you take a summer break here, you'll be quite satisfied.


After all, there is no desire, and everything is quick and work is not done.


I guess it's this light, you're just enough at that temporary bridge, so I'm going to work at my company and wear my sidewear forever, so I can't change it. ''


Tsuda was forced to adjust to the old man's view of the world without any harm, but at the break of the conversation, he set his eyes to sleep and thought of being selfish.


In his head, he was constantly coming and going due to fragmentary images that could not be collected.


Among them was Nono's face this morning.


The appearance of Yoshikawa's student who came to the stop also moved.


Some fruit crawls carried him into his cabin.


He opened the tongue and decided to give his spouse a gift from his wife.


When I received this favor, the trouble and the trouble caused by the work, the greedy greeting that could be done by the other party was also drawn vividly.


Then the grandfather and the mid-flip suddenly disappeared, and instead, the fertile Mr. Yoshikawa's shadow kage squeezed out his grenade and crawled in.


The association quickly jumped to Kiyoko, the central point of the spa where he was about to go.


His mind shook back and forth with the car.


A car that is a waste to be named a train would run down the middle of a steep mountain that immediately leads to the sea, dangerously, and suddenly cut between the mountains, I went up and down many times.


Many of the mountains were planted in tightly planted tangerine colours, stippling warm tropical autumn under beautiful skies.


"He looks so good."


"It's not really good, it's more beautiful to see from here."


Relatively | As I climbed up a steep, winding hill, the car quickly came to an end.


The only thing visible there, which was not a stop, was miscellaneous trees that were slightly frosted.


"What happened"


When the grandfather was saying his head out of the window, the conductor or the driver suddenly got out of the car and uttered something.


"It's a derailment."


聞 い When I heard these words, the old man immediately saw Tsuda and the middle fold in front of him.