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明暗:夏目 漱石(9127-9178)/11494


延 Nobu, who smiled bitterly, didn't shut up yet.


"Okay, please watch now"


Tsuda was a little surprised when asked what he was.


"You can watch it now, whatever you want."


"I'm seeing, but what is it?"


"Well, I have to actually have a problem."


"What I can't say is that you don't know."




"Nothing goes down.


It's like a cloud-like prophecy. ''


"But that prophecy is sure to come to you now, so you should see it."


Tsuda said at the tip of his nose.


On the contrary, Ennobu's attitude was getting closer and more serious.




I don't know what it is, but I'm thinking about it all the time these days, and I'm sure there will be a day when I have to take the courage that I have in this turtle someday and go outside. "


"One day?


So you are the same thing as a delusion. ''


"No, not one time in my life.


It's coming soon.


Someday I'll do it someday. "


"It only gets worse.


In the near future, the day when barbarous heroes were shown in front of the host, I can't beat it. ''


"No, for you.


That's why I didn't say it earlier, the courage to give it out for my husband. ''


を 見 Looking at Nobu's serious face, Tsuda was only gradually getting caught.


His character did not have much poetry.


Instead, the somewhat creepy facts intimidated him from afar.


Nobun's poetry, his so-called delusion, began to play an active part.


He felt weird when the bird's wings, which had been tampering with them, seemed to move suddenly, thinking he was dead all the time.


He looked out the watch from between the belts.


"It's almost time, we have to go out soon"


送 After saying that he got up and sent him behind the door, he took a half-fold of tea from his hat and handed it to his hand.


"Take care.


Please don't forget to say to Mr. Kobayashi that you have been delayed. ''


Tsuda went into the cold air of the evening without turning around.


One hundred fifty-five


Kobayashi and the meeting place are the best in Tokyo | I was in the middle of a lively boulevard, just off the side.


In order to avoid the discomfort of inviting him to the house as he heads over, and to avoid the hassle of visiting his boarding house here, Tsuda decided to take the time to meet him there.


時間 That time passed while he was on the train.


But this lateness, caused by changing clothes, receiving money from Ono, and sitting for a while, was not enough to give him any itching.


Speaking tangibly, he did not want to show Kobayashi the meticulous degree of obeying the law.


On the other hand, I wanted to push his nostrils up and down, even after a short delay.


Regardless of the name, farewell party, Tsuda was certainly an excellent person, as the seats to meet and receive the money were decided.


Therefore, it was better for him as a means to prevent the opponent's arrogance beforehand by making the privilege of the winner as nervous as possible and pre-establishing the position of the main customer.


It was more interesting as a mere return of interest.


He looked at the clock on the whirling train and thought that it might be too early for Kobayashi, who is probably still dressed.


If I arrived too soon, I would take a look at the night stall, and even wonder what Kobayashi's expectation, which was hardened by the skin of desire, would be a little impatient.


降 When we got off at the stop, the number of candlelights passing through his eyes flickered enough to tell the night city's activities remarkably.


He stood in the meantime, wondering whether he would move enough or not to walk with these candles before turning to the desired side street.


However, except for the evening paper, which was pushed to the front of his face, he looked around all four sides, and suddenly had to think of it.


小 Kobayashi, assuming that he must have been lying a long time, was unexpectedly standing on the other side.


The location is at one end of a square that separates the pavement from which Tsuda descended from the roadway, so that the two people's gazes do not match well, so the night and the flickering candlelight are convenient for blocking mutual recognition. Was.